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Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu quickly readies his pokeball, and throws it onto the ground: "Skorupi, come on out!"

Skorupi rears his stinger in delight and faces Spinarak.

Spinarak looks up at skorupi and fires a String Shot, tangling his legs up in web. Skorupi somehow manages to untangle himself, but still felt sluggish from the stickiness of the string-webbing.

"Skorupi, Pursuit!"

Skorupi started gaining speed, and snuck up behind Spinarak and hit it's back, then quickly jumped away, to get some distance from it.

Spinarak then priceeds to use Night Shade, A sinister shadow covers Skorupi, with him starting to feel the pain from those shadows.

Zetsu starts to think, then decides to use one last attack.

"Skorupi, Let's use Bug Bite!"

Skorupi runs up and bites Spinarak several times, now both pokemon were showing signs of exhaustion. Zetsu began to think....

"Now may be the time... Pokeball, go!"

Zetsu threw a pokeball at Spinarak, watching intently as the pokeball starts to roll.
Official's Post
Spinarak is sucked into the ball, which wobbles slowly on the ground...


Spinarak was caught!

You reach down to pick up Spinarak's Pokeball. Suddenly a high pitched scream echoes around the clearing. A swarm of Pokemon emerges from the north end of the clearing and rushes past you. You spot Rattata, Spinarak, Buneary, Makuhita, Aipom, Pidgey and even a Murkrow fleeing from something. They don't even look at you as they run away.

When the Pokemon disappear and the dust settles, you notice that they've carved a path west into the forest. The scream came from the north, but there is no visible path that way, you would have to fight your way through the foliage again. Maybe if you headed west you could find a way around... or maybe not. Which way are you going to go?
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