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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
You push through the thick undergrowth. Eventually you fight your way through and emerge in a small clearing. You're sure this is where the screaming noise was coming from, but there's no one here now.

In the center is a tree stump which has been hollowed out somehow. Water fills the middle of the stump. You look down into the water and see your reflection peering back. Except... what's that on your shoulder? A ghostly hand rests on the shoulder of your reflection. You look down at your real shoulder with alarm, but see nothing unusual there... when you look back into the water, the ghostly hand is gone. Are you imagining things?

You decide to explore the clearing. As you walk off towards the nothern end, something drops down from a tree right in front of you. You jump back, startled, before realised it's just a Spinarak.

"Spin! Spina!" the Pokemon chatters as it spins around on its web.

Wild Spinarak appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Zetsu quickly readies his pokeball, and throws it onto the ground: "Skorupi, come on out!"

Skorupi rears his stinger in delight and faces Spinarak.

Spinarak looks up at skorupi and fires a String Shot, tangling his legs up in web. Skorupi somehow manages to untangle himself, but still felt sluggish from the stickiness of the string-webbing.

"Skorupi, Pursuit!"

Skorupi started gaining speed, and snuck up behind Spinarak and hit it's back, then quickly jumped away, to get some distance from it.

Spinarak then priceeds to use Night Shade, A sinister shadow covers Skorupi, with him starting to feel the pain from those shadows.

Zetsu starts to think, then decides to use one last attack.

"Skorupi, Let's use Bug Bite!"

Skorupi runs up and bites Spinarak several times, now both pokemon were showing signs of exhaustion. Zetsu began to think....

"Now may be the time... Pokeball, go!"

Zetsu threw a pokeball at Spinarak, watching intently as the pokeball starts to roll.
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