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Default Re: Zoro's Dark Sprite Shop

Originally Posted by Masked Zoroark View Post

I tried to make the Honchkrow egg how I made the Trapinch egg, hopefully it looks okay. ^^
That's the "proper" way to make eggs, or at least the way that makes sense and looks so much better/takes skill, so well done! It looks great. I would suggest trying to do a front-on version as well, not of that one of course, but for the future. Kind of like pokefarm but better, since the majority of their sprites are poorly done.

Originally Posted by Masked Zoroark View Post
They don't have to make sense. :P
xD That's when you take the opportunity to make up some weird situation: Starbom, their parents were freaks and couldn't have proper children. OR they just had super powerful children. xD

Anyway, I'd like to request a fusion, please. Persian and vaporeon, if you please. Persian for the base. O:

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