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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Exploring Zenith Town

Sarah walked around the town. It was quite a bit larger than Navi Town had been, though there were still limited shops around. Sarah spent quite a while watching the Pokemon at the Ranch. It was the only place that was bustling this early, the workes busy feeding the Pokemon and checking on the eggs.

Eventually people began to emerge from their houses. Sarah saw the light in the PokeMart go on. She headed over that way, stopping at a small stall on the way which sold clothes. She grabbed a few things, paid for them and then went straight to the Pokemon Center to change out of her ruined outfit.

Inside the Center was warm. No one was around yet, it seemed the nurse was busy tending to Pokemon in the back of the hospital. Sarah headed for the bathroom and changed into her new outfit. "I guess it's okay..." she said, studying herself in the mirror as she adjusted the bow in her hair.

When she walked back into the foyer, a nurse was positioned in front of a healing machine. "Hi there," Sarah smiled and grabbed her four used Pokeballs from her bag. "Could you please heal my Pokemon?"

"Of course!" the nurse replied cheerfully.

Sarah couldn't help yawning as the nurse fiddled with the healing machine.

"Had a long night hmm?" The nurse asked as she handed back the Pokeballs. "Your Pokemon are fully healed! If you like, you can rest at the Pokemon Center before you continue your journey."

"Thank-you," Sarah said and returned the Pokeballs to her bag. "I'd like to visit the PokeMart first, but I may take you up on that offer!" she said, stifling another yawn.

"Take care!" the nurse waved as she left the building.

Official's Posts:

Sarah, just walking out of the Pokemon Center, discovers a man dressed in black.

"Quick! Look over there! Oh my gosh! Look!" he cries.

Do you look?!

Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post

Trainer: Quinn
Location: Zenith Town

"Well, finally back!" Quinn says. "Time to challenge the Gym!" Luxio purrs in excitement. When Quinn walks over to the Gym, he sees a sign that says "CLOSED." Plain and simple. "MIME...!" He goes to the Pokemon Center to sleep the night and exchanges Pokemon.

Entered Zenith from Route 5. Put Bobalina and Derpina in party.

You think this post is over? Noep. Suddenly, a Poke Ball fell from the sky! Sweet, free Poke Ball, Quinn thinks. The ball has Bachuru labeled on it. He throws the ball in the air a Joltik pops out!

"God...I've been in that Poke Ball for DAYS!" It says when it comes out. "...Who are you?"

"I'm Quinn," Quinn replies. "I'm guessing your Bachuru?"

"Yes. I came from Japan. All of the sudden, I see this very elegant room, with a bunch of people. Then, this."
Your Bachuru is looking pumped now that it's out of the Pokeball!

Add +1 Wi-FI battles to Bachuru!
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