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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Navi Town leaving the Pokemon Center
In party:


JC pulls up the fishing line seeing Wooper.
" Now theirs a familiar face !"

JC reaches for his pokeballs and pulls out Hop. The little grass type comes flying out. The feisty little Wooper rushes up slaming into Hopip. Who goes flying into the air. The determined Hopip swings back around. This team sending out a leech seed that stricks the Wooper. With the vines starting to tighten Wooper swings it tail around breaking some of them long enough to knock some mud into the air covering Hopip eyes. Hop then landed on the ground angry.
The Little grass type cleaned its eyes off moving back in for a absorb which teamed with the leech seed knocked the little wooper out.

JC stands up taking out a lure ball and throws.
Official's Post:

The Lure Ball ripples the water's surface as it wiggles.


JC caught the Wooper!

Quick, the Lure Ball is floating away downstream!
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