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Default Re: General Chat, Help & Questions

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Hmm i might have to take a look later tonight! (food is ready soon).

Are 1v1 battles not allowed if you have more than 1 pokemon in the league?
Originally Posted by Steak View Post
ahahah I wish, I'm at a friend's house

I'm about to begin my 5th battle with Dredd and something just occurred to me

was there something in the rules prohibiting 1v1 matches if both participants have at least 2 Pokemon in the league, regardless of whether they've gotten them in-game? Dredd says he only has his Chimchar in game and has been having trouble getting the others and I just have my Zubat and Sunkern ready for battle so I just used my Zubat

at first I was like ok but this just occurred to me and the obvious solution is to check the rules but I figured I'd make this clear
We were going to ban 1vs1 battles when both players had more than 1 Pokemon, but I think we decided against it in the end. If it becomes a problem later with people just having 1vs1s to get quick stars then we might have to reconsider, but it's fine for now =)

Also get Wi-Fi :(
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