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Default Re: Did the mass outbreak save Black and White 2?

A few of the things I loved the most about Black 2 are:

The amazing music that they have started making and putting in the games.
(In BW also) The Pokemon being fully animated, I LOVED that when I found out about it, makes the game that much more "real"
I was astonished, ba dum tissss, when I saw that numbers of Legendary pokemon you could get in game, not to mention getting Shiny pokemon given to you, and the side quest to obtain rare pokemon. (NOT TO MENTION! The Shiny Charm which is god awful to obtain, but hey it's there for the dedicated.)

There are a lot of things I loved about BW2, There's just too much to name, I thought they would butcher the story line but I was sucked into this game like there was no tomorrow, just an amazing, deep, connected story. It made my jaw drop on several occasions, also.

(Spoiler alert for those going in blind)

The fact that you can Fuse Kyurem and zekrom/reshiram. I traded my lv. 100 Reshiram from a Nintendo Event that way I could use either one. Just another amazing feature.

Love love love BW2.

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