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You move through the forest, pushing branches aside with your arms as you move. Twigs snap off under your fingers and dew drops cling to your clothes. You wince a little as a particularly sharp stick scratches your leg.

All around you, the forest seems to be alive with movement. Though you do not necessarily see any Pokemon with your own eyes, the signs are everywhere, from rustling bushes, swaying leaves and snapping twigs.

Suddenly a shadow falls over you as something swoops overhead. By the time you look up, the thing is already gone. Whatever it was seemed to be heading to the east.

You hear a scream again and feel the hairs on the back of your neck prickle. There's something strange about that sound... something not quite human. You look towards the west where the sound came from and wonder if you still want to head that way.

Do you follow the shadow to the east, trace the scream to the west or head back to the path?
Determined as ever, Zetsu continued to follow the sound of the scream, although not quite sure wether he should follow the screams, but his body was at this point, moving on it's own, a mixture of battle anticipation, and curiosity overwhelming his senses.
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