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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Name: Akari Blackscale
Location: A forest somewhere
Link: N/A
Affected Arpers: None yet

Akari continues walking on through the forest. She looked down at her little friends who were alert and carefully observing their surroundings.Akari said to them,"It isss all right. I doubt he will follow usss." Of course she knew it was a lie, but her Pokemon friends felt a little better.

Her friends began talking amongst themselves. Raze looked over to Widow,"So any idea what Akari might be?" The Ariados looked over at the Charmeleon,"Sadly no. She doesn't seem to be able to understand us, so she couldn't be a Pokemon, but she doesn't look human either." Geedo landed on top of Raze's head. The zubat exclaimed,"Perhaps she is from space like a Clefairy!" The Pokemon took a moment to look up at the sky. Raze looked back down and said,"I don't think so..." Akari interrupted,"Do you creaturesss alwaysss talk like thisss?" Raze looked up at her,"What does she mean by that? It isn't like I say the same word over and over again. I'm speaking plain Pokemon," he said confused. Widow then said,"It is probably like with most humans... They can't understand a word of Pokemon." Geedo came up with another theory,"Perhaps she is a Pokemon from another dimmension?" Widow and Raze both look at him as if almost considering the possibility. Redreaper finally speaking up,"You do know that we can understand any Pokemon right? Our language is universal my friend. Even Pokemon from different dimensions can understand us." The Duskull resumed its air of omnicient silence. The other Pokemon just stared for a moment. Widow suggested,"He probably is right. No Pokemon ever found spoke a different language. It is possible Arceus designed us that way."

Akari watched these beings for a moment. She was not sure what they were saying, but their language seemed so limited. It was beyond her understanding as to how they could be communicating. She shrugged and continued walking with her friends.

A noise rustled in the bushes. There was an intense buzz in the air. Beedrill were rising into a swarm above the treetops. Akari looked down to Raze and asked,"Are thessse from where ever thisss place may be?" Raze nodded and to her understanding said,"Char!" Akari took this as a yes. Akari looked up at them and back down at Raze,"Can I beat them?" The Charmeleon shook his head and said what sounded to her as the same thing. Akari then said,"We ssshould retreat then." The Ariados climbed onto her back, and the Charmeleon gripped onto her tail. Akari proceeded to retreat sprinting a great distance under the weight of those of her friends who would be unable to keep up otherwise and her own armor. She was glad her Grandfather gave her those almost painfully impossible conditioning exercises. His voice echoed inside her head,"A dragoon of Ivalisse mussst be able to arrive the moment he getsss hisss ordersss to be there, and if not he ssshould be there before hisss offissial ordersss reach him!" She new this phrase was ridiculous, but it did succeed in making her work harder then.

Fortunately she did not have to flee for long. A powerful Sprite flew from behind cover and began draining the swarms energy to fuel itself. The swarm was unable to maintain flight and fell to the ground. The unconcious Beedrill lay scattered around the nearby forest floor. The Sprite continued to drain them all. Akari checked her friends who were almost frozen in shock. She said,"Thessse are of Ivalisse, thisss I can fight." Instead of abandoning the swarm that attacked her and her friends, she decided to deal with the fairy that would soon become a much larger problem. It hadn't noticed her yet, so she took it by surprise. She used her powerful Bangaa legs and lept high into the air and came down on top of the Sprite. Her spear struck first driving it deep into this unfriendly fairy. The crunch of breaking bones was heard underneath Akari's feet as she crushed the Sprite. She flipped off the Sprite, but she missed her landing crashing painfully into the ground.

Akari managed to get up. Her energy was all but spent and the pain coursing through her bruised body was intense. She realized she was unconsious a moment ago. She had failed, as amazingly as it seems, to have killed the Sprite, for its regenerative abilities had begun. She new it would be unconsious for a long time as it waited for its body to mend. Akari also noticed the Beedrill stirring, they weren't able to fly yet, but they could be a problem soon enough. She decided it best to let them play with the fairy for a while. Using her spear to support her body, she continued onward. Her friends watched her carefully.

They soon came along a river. Akari disrobed and took a short bath in the shallows. She happily washed off a couple of weeks worth of grime. She did feel the temperature of her blood lowering, so she had to leave the water or risk freezing. She did not enjoy her sluggish movements that the weight and chill of the water presented. She sat out on a rock to dry. The water slid off her scales quickly when Raze heated the rock beneath her. When she was dry she redressed in her armor, and feeling slightly less fatigued followed the river still using her spear to help support her.

Her Pokemon friends were talking amongst themselves. They asked each other if any of them had any idea what that creature was and how it managed to do that. They also noticed how Akari can shed her skin for a new one, and put on the same old skin or find a different skin to wear. Geedo said,"Maybe she is a human from space!" Redreaper said as a sarcastic jeer," Or maybe she is a human from another dimension!" The Pokemon were unsettled by the mysterious new creatures and their powers, but found this jest humorous.
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