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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Well, hey perhaps there could be a secret evil society somehow expunging people, they dissappear and all memories of them with them.
I am joking of course, but it is still possible.

Now for actual business:
My current post will have a little impaling and seemingly impossible things.
First of all, it can possibly be assumed that most of the Beedrill are lvl 10 or a little stronger
One person may not be able to fight a hoard of lvl 10 Beedrill when he/she can only strike a few at a time, but striking all and using their energy as fuel to continue the strike could probably work
It probably doesn't take terribly long to defeat an enemy that is taken by surprise, even if it should seem intensely strong.[It isn't by the way, it just has really annoying and seemingly impossible regen abilities]
Finally a Bangaa sprinting in armor,most of which isn't heavy, and carrying pokemon,that may not be as heavy as the armor, may seem unrealistic if you don't understand that average Bangaa are stronger than average humans. Akari also has military training which kind of helps, aside from that she doesn't do it for long at all.
So just in case you doubted that.

Akari will also follow a river out of the forest. I will probably check to see if anyone near or in the forest are also near a river. Though if a character sees a female, dark scaled Bangaa walking around that may help.Also since Ivalice has three exclusive races should I describe the other two since they could fall into the RP and perhaps be used as NPCs. It might be fun seeing how the Humans not from Ivalice will react to the new guys and gals.

Edit: The Capital City is built on a mountain right? If I read correctly it is, but I have been wrong before.
I will probably have the river curve off near the edge of the forest, and head out into the Plains.
Probably going to be heading near Crystal, Spinel, and Kenta unless I get spotted before the post after next which is possible.
I will probably need those answers before my next post because they may alter it.

Edit2: I will just post anyways.
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