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The cave is only a short distance from your current location. It's just a short trip through the woods. On your way through the shrubbery, you can't help but feel like you're constantly being followed.

You turn around to look. Nope, nothing.

Your boots squelch at the foot of the cave. Figuring it would provide decent shelter from the rain, you sit yourself by one of the smaller rocks inside the monument. Brobat looks over you protectively - well, not literally, but you know what I mean. You feel your eyes begin to droop. Yes, that's right. Maybe when you wake up the storm will be over and you'll be able to run along in the daytime, clear as day?

NONO FUW''######4546$%DFD WHAT AR%465E YOU DO(!!ING



A wild sddgtg-th-gfv###xc#d#"""!"456


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your shades go from NIGHT MODE to HAYWIRE, obscuring your vision with F͡U͜R͟IOUS ҉STATIC̨

you grab your belongings and dash out of the cave as fast as your legs will take you, holding out your B̸O͠ARD̀ to shield you from anything you might run into.

as you gain distance the STAT͢I҉C̸ slowly begins to dissipate, with a crackle every now and then.

you crouch behind a tree and send out Brobat, allowing him to perch himself on your shoulder ready to defend against whatever͏ing͜ was, if,
gods forbid, it is still following you.
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