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Default Re: The Perfect Pokemon

Jirachi. DEFINATELY. It's cute. It's Psychic. It's fairly awesome of it's own accord as a battler and a Pokemon. And that's not taking into the wishes. Assuming it's just an unlimited pool of wishes I've got (even with that 7 day restriction), it could be ANYTHING I'm getting out of it, and then I'd pretty much have every need/want I could ever have covered. Even making sure Jirachi can kind of, you know, not need a 1000-year nap with only a 7-day wake up period.

And if not that, then Mew. Mew assumably has the same transformational skill as Ditto, Mew being the genesis of all Pokemon and having every last bit of Pokemon DNA and all that, so I get infinite possibilities, including the aformentioned Jirachi. But with said aformentioned Jirachi, I could wish for a Mew immediately. Either way, I WIN.
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