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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

((Jaye asked me to continue the battle, so here it is! Which means I get to bunny Kenta since he is currently under her control.))

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The red Garados roared, readying another attack. Kenta called out Hydro Pump for the next move, but instead the water-type used another Dragon Rage. Crystal only sighed at this.

"Why aren't you listening, Gyarbo?!" Kenta almost shouted at the shiny.

"Shouting won't help," the elite trainer spoke calmly. "You just need more work. It doesn't help that he has gotten enraged by being hit in the nose, which was unintentional. However, this comes to an end."

"It'll be over in one move," Persian meowed, still standing next to Spinel on the sidelines.

"One move?" Ren asked, knowing her trainer wanted to ask but didn't want to reveal she understood them.

The feline only purred in response as she watched the Rattata again gracefully dodge the move. This only seemed to aggravate the serpentine more. He lunged forward, trying to capture the mouse in his powerful jaws. But a well timed back flip was the evasive maneuver Puck had used.

"Alright, let's put an end to this," Crystal then said. "Puck, one last technique. Put everything you have into it. Thunderbolt!"

Puck was standing on all four paws, his back arched and fur starting to stand on end. When he raised his tail straight up, sparks started to jump across his violet fur. His head was low, ears back as soon his whole body was surrounded with intense electricity. He then raised his head, calling out a battle cry to the sky as a stream of the electric power shot skywards. With a quick movement of his head, the attack then redirected to the Gyarados. The shiny Pokemon didn't even have time to dodge with the speed of it, and Gyarbo cried out once it felt the electricity coursing through his body. Once the power was cut off, the Rattata canceling the move, everything seemed to be frozen. The red water-type's head was downcast, but still was upright. However a part of his face was covered in shadows, so his expression wasn't visible. A tense moment later, it fell to the side. The impact cause the ground to shake slightly, and it was clear on who the winner was.
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