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As Jacob saw the "Welcome to Nimbasa City" sign, he grabbed his bag, and jumped out of the truck he had stowed away on.

He had arrived via boat from his home town of Lilycove city in the Hoenn region, and got off the boat at Castelia city. Gladiator wasn't big in the Hoenn region. The pokemon rights groups hated it, and made sure that it was banned from Hoenn region. It was on the news, but drowned out by the news of Team Aqua and Team Magmas plots to awaken the ancient pokemon. Not many people knew about it, and Jacob saw this as his chance to redeem himself for the shocking failure he suffered in his last tournament, which almost killed his best friend Gallade.

When he arrived at Castelia City, he was going to walk to Nimbasa, but overheard a truck driver being told by his boss to take his goods to the pokemart in Nimbasa. When he knew the truck driver wasn't looking he jumped in the back, and waited. Now he was in Nimbasa city with a few hours until he was required to be at the Summit game center, so Jacob found a restaurant where he bought himself some lunch. Once he finished eating his nachos, he pulled out a pokeball, and opened it, aiming in the seat opposite. White light emerged from the pokeball, forming the shape of his best friend Gallade in the opposite seat.

"Today is the big day Gallade, the day where we prove them all wrong." Jacob said to his friend, who grunted, and nodded his head. Gallade was excited for this, the smile on his face gave it away.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? if you are worried about your injuries, and think that they might come back, I can easily use Blaziken, Umbreon or Raichu." Jacob said pulling out a pokeball. Suddenly Gallade threw its fist at the pokeball, knocking it out of Jacob's hand. He was ready, they both knew it.

Jacob paid the bill and left the restaurant, making his way towards the Summit Game Center. The entrance was blocked by savage looking protestors, psycho fans and news crews. Knowing he wanted to avoid them, Jacob grabbed Gallade's shoulder, and told it to use Teleport. Jacob closed his eyes, and when they reopened he and Gallade where inside the entrance to the Summit Game center.

"Nice job Gallade." he said. One of the guards who had his back turned didn't know they were there, and jumped when he heard them.

"You fans disgust me! Get out!" said the guard angrily, advancing towards Jacob.

"Calm the hell down!" Jacob yelled angrily at the guard, "I am meant to be here you idiot!" He pulled out a folded piece of paper and showed the guard.

"Go through that door into the arcade and follow the signs," the guard said as Jacob began to walk, "And Jacob, have a bit of respect. It is my job to make sure those psycho protestors and fans don't tear you to pieces when you aren't looking, keep up the attitude and I may let them slip by."

"I can defend myself," Jacob said coldly, and continued walking.

"The games haven't even started, and there is already conflict. My reporters intuition is telling me that this game is going to be interesting." Jacob heard a news reporter out the front say.
"I've already got a reputation," Jacob thought, "Good."

He made his way into the arcade and followed the signs towards another door. Beyond this door was a young man, not much older than Jacob, wearing a badge, with Freddie Spencer written across it. Jacob walked towards him knowing that this was only the beginning.

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