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Lucas Shutt
Link: Blaziken

It was a nice and shining day, as Lucas stepped out the door knowing that he would soon partake in the greatest game in existence.

He began running down the street towards the Nimbasa arcade. He reached the corner of the block and the first thing he saw was a massive crowd of hundreds of people shouting out at a man on a loudspeaker.

"Man, who knew the game would be so popular? This is gonna be pretty challenging!" Lucas remarked. He pulled out a small spherical item and pressed the button in the middle, and the ball then grew to twice its original size.

He tossed the ball in the air and shouted "Alright! Come on out Blaziken!". "Alright pal" He spoke to the large flaming fowl next to him "I might need you, so stay focused." Blaziken nodded and then leaped in the air and perched itself on the edge of a nearby building. Lucas then began to nonchalantly ease through the crowd of fans.

He was just about to reach the guard when he heard a man shout "Hey! He isn't a fan! He is a contestant!".

That's when the fans began to swarm him and ask how he was able to participate and what his name was. "Blaziken! Use Fire Spin and keep them away!" A small vortex of flames because to surround Lucas and caused the croud to hurry away from him to prevent sustaining injuries.

Lucas then reached the guard and they granted clearance. He walked into the giant glowing building known as the Nimbasa Arcade, where the biggest moment of his life was about to unfold. He stepped inside the large building where he noticed a sign pointing to the right. He followed the sign and was lead to another sign. He followed these signs for a few minutes and found himself inside a large room where he noticed a man standing there.

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