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Default Re: Post Scheduling?

I had said it would be flexible, and I would absolutely not just focus on just one board a day. I check roleplays multiple times a day, and if I get an idea for one I'm in I most defiantly post it right away. But when I tried to check everything on one day, I feel myself get overwhelmed and end up not posting in anything or in something as simple as the counting games. I'm just thinking that since I have found out I do a lot better on a schedule that maybe if I try scheduling things a little bit in hopes that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed and get posts done that I need to do. Especially with one of the RPs I am currently running, where it is important for me to post in it. I'm not saying only on this day I post in such-in-such board, but with all the things I want to do and have to, I'm thinking that if I have days were I don't feel the need to post in one board or thread and work on something else, like say on such-in-such day I want to work on a fanfiction but have noticed that maybe I should post in the RP board, then on that day I don't feel conflicted and can work on something I want to do. I'm a procrastinator, I will admit, so if I don't schedule things in advance then things just do not get done after they pile up. But as I said before, this is just still an idea and I have yet to develop further than that, just wanting to get opinions on the subject of a flexible posting schedule.
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