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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Gym applying for: Umbra City Gym

Pokemon using (max 8):
-Lampent (Ghost/Fire)
-Banette (Ghost)
-Gengar (Ghost/Dark)
-Gallade (Fighting/Psychic)
-Meinshao (Fighting)
-Toxicroak (Fighting/Poison)

Custom gym rules:
-Single battles
-6v6 (or equal to the amount of pokemon the trainer will use)
-Flat 50 battles (Untill my pokemon reach 75 or trainer asks.)
-No Legendaries
-No hack, AR, or any cheat pokemon allowed.
- All standard Celestian Gym rules Apply.

Gym backstory: Having grown up in Kanto's Lavender Town, Seth has always had an attunement to Ghost type pokemon. As a child, he would always roam around inside the Pokemon Tower, and play with the Ghastly and Haunter that take residence inside the tower.

When the time came to start his journey, Seth decided he would be a Ghost Type trainer, and that he would search every corner of the region in order to find the most unique Ghost Types around.

Although Seth did not battle for Gym Badges, he is however, an expert with the use of ghost types. It wasn't untill he met Bruno, one of Kanto's Elite Four, that Seth started taking a liking to the Fighting Type aswell.

After 3 long years of studying both Ghost and Fighting Types, he has assembled a formidable team, now content on finding a new goal to set himself with.

8 Months has passed since then, and while keeping in contact with Bruno, has heard of a new land, Celestia, which is in need of Gym Leaders, one in particular: Umbra Town, home to Ghost and Fighting type pokemon.

And so, Seth travels to Umbra Town, in distant Celestia, in the hopes of becoming Umbra Towns Gym Leader.

This Gym's decor is that of a decrepit mansion. candles float in darkness, floors creak and cobwebs line just about every nook and cranny of this Gym. On the upper teir of the mansion-like Gym, there are several doors, each with a trainer inside. you must defeat all trainers in order for the Gym Leader's door to unlock.
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