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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

As silence fell over the group Ashley could feel the shift in Ichiru's emotions as well, looking over to him as the rage was clearly on his face. Ashley looked down as Abigail was the one to go to her father while Scarlet stayed with Ashley, a worried expression coming across Ashley's face. She knew that Ichiru would never hurt the children, but it worried Ashley that Ichiru might snap with Abigail too close.

I need some air. Ichiru said, releasing Abigail and stepping outside. Ashley let out a sigh, looking at everyone else as Abigail walked over to her and Scarlet.

Is it okay to let him go out by himself? Aiden asked after a few moments.

He probably just wants to be alone right now, so we should give him his space. He wont go too far anyway, even if he does leave the yard. Kiseki responded, trying to maintain the happiness that needed to be in the house for the toddler's sakes.

"Yeah. Everything will be fine." Lexi said with a nod, the rest of the group doing their best to try and get things back to normal. The thought of Katherine being in town was nerving, but at least she wasn't invited into the house, which meant she couldn't come inside. Caroline gave out a yawn as she wrapped her arms around Kiseki, her mind once again shifting to the baby. Now with both Klaus and Katherine showing up in their lives it was now impossible to adopt a child, which angered the curly haired blonde.

Stefan and Lexi went back to the kitchen while Isobel went through some bills, Kotomi giving Raven a clean bowl of water while Kol placed another piece of wood into the fireplace.

"Could you guys watch the twins for a few minutes?" Ashley asked. Caroline looked over to Ashley, washing away her anger and gave her a smile as the blonde nodded.

"Yeah sure." The toddlers walked over to Caroline after she spoke, Ashley walking outside to catch up with Ichiru.

"Ichiru wait." Ashley said, running to the Vampire and stood in front of him. "I know how angry you are, but everything is going to be okay." Ashley said, placing her hand gently on Ichiru's cheek and lightly rubbed the skin with her thumb. "Come on. There's a place where I want to take you." Ashley took Ichiru's hand and lead the way, knowing that her children were safe with the group.

Ashley led Ichiru to the bridge on the other side of town, though instead of actually standing on top of the bridge Ashley led the other Vampire towards the edge of the lake's water where a large rock someone could sit on could be seen. Ashley sat on top of the rock and looked out onto the water, giving out a sigh.

"This is where you and I first met." Ashley said, looking over to Ichiru. "I was still human... while you were a Vampire." A small chuckle escaped from Ashley as she looked back out towards the water. "I remember that I came here right before school that morning. I was sitting right here with a bottle of water and some Poptarts, oblivious to the Supernatural world at the time." Ashley paused once again, looking back to Ichiru. "Time has gone by since then and we've been through a lot, but we always managed to survive. Even though Katherine is back, we'll fend her off again like we did before. She isn't going to win."

"You are so annoying. I should had killed you instead." A voice that sounded exactly like Ashley's came from behind a nearby tree, though it didn't belong to her as she quickly stood up and saw Katherine a few feet away, her perfect curls bouncing lightly in the breeze.

"Why are you back?" Ashley growled, watching Katherine pick up a thick branch with a sharpened end.

"For one, it's a free country. For two, I just want you to know you're at my mercy right now." Katherine responded, giving Ashley an evil grin. "Remember this?" Katherine asked, placing the sharp end of the branch on her palm and sliced opened the skin, fresh blood bleeding out. Ashley suddenly felt the same sharp pain in her palm, quickly looking down as the same deep wound appeared.

"The spell..." Ashley growled.

"Yup, which means that if I die, you die. You and your little friends can't hurt me without hurting you, and if Klaus happens to know I'm in town then he'll kill me, which means that you go down with me." Katherine explained. "I'll make sure you stay dead this time if I die."

"So we can't even tell Klaus that you're here."

"Nope, well unless Abigail's Ghost tells him by mistake. She'll probably tell him I'm here, thinking that Klaus will focus on me instead of you and your little group, and then hunt me down and kill me."

"We had a deal that you wouldn't return to Fells Church." Ashley growled.

"I know, but I got bored. Plus I wanted to see this cutie right over here." Katherine said as she looked over to Ichiru before disappearing. The wound on Ashley's palm healed as she looked over to Ichiru, her own anger towards Katherine beginning to reach the surface.
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