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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post

As you search for a Pokemon Center you notice two forms watching you from a nearby bush. A large red creature carries a smaller green one on its back. On closer inspection you recognise the Ariados and Spinarak from earlier.

You are feeling rather annoyed so you ignore them and hope that theyr'e not back for more revenge.

Unfortunately for you, they scuttle straight out into the open and approach you. before you can lash out, the little Spinarak you caught earlier jumps off its mother's back. It crawls up your leg and settles on your head where it proceeds to nibble on your hair.

You wonder what's going on, when you notice the Ariados has a Pokeball in its mouth. It drops the ball at your feet. "Dos, aria!" it cries and then scuttles back to its Spinarak family which are waiting in the bushes.

Looks like you proved yourself to the Ariados and you have been entrusted with her baby's care. You better take good care of the little one or you will be haunted by a giant, poisonous spider forever.

JC retrieved Spinarak.
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At the Pokemon Center JC stands shocked looking at the Ariados. He bends over taking the ball out of her mouth.
"Your baby will be safe, I will help it grow big and strong and we will come back and visit you."

JC looks at the ball, the Spinerak looks back up at him.
"lets get you healed."

JC nods and waves Ariados goodbye. Then goes and hands his pokemon over to Nurse Joy.

*Sarah, when you mentioned this post last night, i had no idea what you are talking about.

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