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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Well I haven't played a lot of FF games, but FFTA was my favorite.
The map on that game is fairly customizeable, not the land itself, but you place most of the cities, all the mountains and just about everything else, so perhaps you can toss Roda Volcano somewhere on the map, as it could technically go anywhere. It is a location with a spacial tear in it which you may find appealing. Aside from that it is a spawn point for Fire Wyrms, which are kinda like dragons and Bombs, which look kinda weird and explode[and some other more random creatures]. They both absorb fire damage and can be found in the link a placed up there.
Aside from that Roda Volcano was probably my favorite location on the map.

Nice to know that I can bump into people in the forest or just outside of it. I guess we will have a fun reaction time soon.
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