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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Name: Akari Blackscale
Location: A forest somewhere
Link: N/A
Affected ARPers: None

The smell of roasting venison hung in the air. Akari Blackscale, a Bangaa of Ivalice, looked up from her campfire. She remembered where she was before waking up in this forest. She was walking home from the institution where she studied her particular craft. She made it out of the institution alive, and was now a dragoon of Ivalice. On her way home she felt strange, like she was almost being dismantled. She blacked out.

What she remembered after blacking out was far worse. She remembered a void. It was cold, yet she wouldn't freeze. It was placing immense strain on her, yet it wouldn't crush her. It was dark terribly dark. She could not see her body, only feel the immense pain. Every moment was an eternity, yet that eternity passed like it was just a moment.
She could hardly sleep. She would close her eyes and feel herself drifting away, and would seem to relive that very moment.
It has been two weeks since she found herself, here in this strange forest, surrounded by beings both familiar and strange. She couldn't tell if it was just a nightmare, but the void would seem to always invite her to sleep.

She returned from being lost in the memory of the void. She looked back down at her campfire.
The meat was ready.

Those strange beings she encountered, some of them she called friend. They came to her now. An Ariados, she dubbed Widow, a Zubat, she named Geedo, a Duskull of rare colors, she called Redreaper, and a Charmeleon, that she knew as Raze. They were hungry, for their last meal was midday of the day before the current. She said to them,"Hello my friendsss." She greeted them individual with meat. The Duskull of course did not ingest the meat, but he did appreciate the gesture.

The fact that they were eating something that they felt was murdered by Akari was unsettling to a couple of the Pokemon. They were grateful that she did not waste most of her prey. She sharpened the bones of the deer to be used as knives and tools. She tanned the hide, and of course there was plenty of its meat to be shared which the Pokemon that did eat ate happily.
The Pokemon were unsettled, and one of the denizens of Ivalice jumped out of some nearby bushes!!

A Red Panther leapt from the Bushes. Its short red fur on edge. Venom dripped from its fangs and pooled around its claws.

Although the Pokemon were startled by it, Akari was unimpressed. She examined it. It appeared to be rogue. It was appearing tough, but it was obvious it hadn't slept in days and was starving. It was hoping that the campers would flee the camp and would leave the food to it. Its very display showed that, for she new Red Panthers attack in coordinated packs led by a Coeurl which was obviously not present. She decided to take pity on it and tore a leg from what was uncooked of the deer she had slain and tossed it to the beast. The Red Panther grabbed the meat zealously and fled.
The Pokemon admired this. She spared it even though she caught its bluff and let it flee with a part of her hard earned kill.

Akari said to the Pokemon,"We ssshould move on. That one ssseemss desssperate enough to do sssomething ssstupid." The Pokemon agreed without hesitation. She abandonned the camp taking just a few things. Personal effects such as her dragoon helmet and her spear and some other things she decided she may need. She ate quickly and moved on.
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