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Default Re: GLADIATOR [su/ds]

Originally Posted by genesect View Post
My entry:

PERSONALITY: cool, collected, funny, hates being ignored, scared sometimes
APPEARANCE: Matt has a yellow hat that has survived with him for his whole life. He has short hair that goes down. Matt wears blue jeans and black shoes, he wears a glowing orange shirt with a Genesect on it.
HISTORY: Matt was a kid that was always bullied at school, he has had no parents that he had remembered. He was always the underdog in a fight, a game, or anything else that included his hard personal life. with hte little hope that he has of getting respect from everyone and in hopes of finding his parents, Matt sets out to try his luck in the Colosseum.
ABILITIES: Advanced strength, rockets on his body and arms, able to launch its hands with a small blaster able to shoot fire or ice, able to put its opponents to sleep with its shoulders( a bit weird), release an enormous blast from its chest as a last resort.
I agree with Lucas on this one--I'm glad for your interest in the RP, but I cannot accept this SU as it is. For starters, I asked for complete sentences in the Personality section, and you have not done so. Also, Matt's history is pretty vague and incomplete (and full of grammatical errors). It seems like, to me, that you slapped this together in five minutes. Remember, your SU is supposed to reflect the writing you will use in the RP, and if you can't follow basic grammar and syntax, I will not allow you to participate in the RP. Please take a little more time to make your SU, and make sure it shows.

TO ALL: Boy, I've sure been busy lately, but I'm thinking about starting the RP this Monday, rather than Tuesday. Depends on what my work agency wants me to do, lol. Anyway, expect the RP to be launched soon! I'll be looking forward to everybody's posts! :D

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