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Default Re: Route 5

Trainer: Quinn
Party: (Lost)
Location: Route 5 - Entrance

"Hope we see each other soon..." Quinn says, gripping the Friend Ball. "If only I could find a Tropius..." Sara frowns at him. "What?! I would NEVER replace you!" He continues his search for Shinx. Quinn trips over a /cliche/ branch and stumbles upon a shrubbery.

"NI!" A voice calls out. Oh, god. /Them/. Quinn notices Shinx laying down, with a sad look on her face.

"What do YOU want?" She says in a rough tone.

"To make amends. To say sorry. Though, there's something you should think about," He replies.

"I guess I should be sorry for zapping Swiftwind...Let's get moving, shall we?" Wasn't that just touching? Ahem. So, Quinn and co. continue down Route 5.

Quinn obtained a Friend Ball! The Friend Ball was put in the ITEMS pocket.

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