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Official's Post:

Sarah continues on her path. The night is cold and dark. As she walks she can feel cold dead eyes watching her every step. She looks up in the darkness but finds nothing. She picks up her pace hoping to lose whatever is watching her. For a moment she feels at ease but goes awake quickly. She can spot the outline of dark creature sitting on branch 20 feet in front of her.

Wild Aipom appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Battling Murkrow

"You again!" she yells as she recognises the bird which she had tried to catch earlier. "Why are you following me?"

The Murkrow just cawed and then dove from the tree. Sarah ducked just in time.

"Do you think you can battle, Aster?" Sarah asked.

"Bulba! Saur!" Aster nodded determinedly, and jumped from his trainer's arms.

Murkrow hovered in the air threateningly.

"Let's go! Use Tackle!"

As Murkrow swooped again, Aster dashed forwards. The two Pokemon collided and both were sent sprawling backwards. Murkrow shook the attack off and glided back into the air. Aster took a little longer to recover.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked. When the Bulbasaur nodded, she called her command. "Use Razor Leaf!"

Thin, sharp leaves shot from the Pokemon's side. They spun through the air, striking the bird in the belly. Feathers floated to the ground. Murkrow dropped a little lower, clearly hurt by the attack.

It cawed angrily, incensed by the loss of its feathers. It swooped down again, this time using Wing Attack. Aster was too slow to dodge and skidded backwards through the soft ground.

Sarah rushed over to her Pokemon. The Murkrow cackled happily from the air, though it was puffing slightly.

"Can you get up, Aster?" Sarah whispered.

"Sa-ur," Aster grunted as he slowly got to his feet. "Now here's what we're going to do..."

Murkrow watched from above, its black form almost hidden in the darkness. It eyes its opponent wearily. Formulating its own plan, it began to conjure dark energy. The Shadow Ball formed in front of its open beak. With graceful power, it dove towards the Bulbasaur, intending to shoot from close range.

To the bird's surprise the Bulbasaur didn't try to move away. "Now!" the trainer called and a strange, glittery power shot from the Pokemon's bulb, enveloping the surrounding area. The powder glistened beautifully in the moonlight. Murkrow was unable to pull up fast enough. The Shadow Ball died in its throat as a sudden sleepiness overtook all else. Its large eyes dropped and it fell like a stone to the ground, suddenly overcome by dreams.

"Well done!" Sarah called to her Bulbasaur. "Now let's try this again!" She thrust a Pokeball at the sleeping Pokemon and hoped that this time it would be caught.
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