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Default Re: Wi-Fi League Registrations! Sign up here!

Originally Posted by BotmenPls View Post
*Nervously staring at the brick building*

"Well, I guess this is where my journey begins."

*Walks into Lab, and bumps into a woman in a lab coat*

"I'm sorry, can I speak to Professor Cedar?"

"You're talking to her! Here to pick up your first Pokemon? Here's the registration form."

Name: Botmen
Starter Pokemon: Zorua

Professor Cedar

Professor Cedar smiles and takes the form. She checks over it. "Everything seems to be in order!" She slides the form into a slot next to a huge monitor. A Pokeball pops out.

"Here's your new Zorua! Take good care of it, okay? And here are some items to help you on your journey!" She hands you some Pokeballs and a Pokegear as well.

Botmen received Zorua, 5 Pokeballs, and a Pokegear 3.0! Go ahead and make your trainer record in here. You may then start your journey from Andromeda Town.
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