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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Hai, darlings! Kailash checking in this time! I have got some fabulous news for you!

So CM and I have talked, and she decided to let me host the next installment while she plays the game! It's only because you all seem to love me so much. However I had to agree to not be a candidate for the next co-host voting. Small price to pay. However, this means you all have to chose my co-host! Six of my teammates have all had one vote, so you all will have a chance to vote for one of them.

From what I have heard, both Felix and Nisha really want to co-host. Reading the comments here, I do agree that our lovely trainer should get a chance to stand in the spotlight. But Crystal has decided to not chose herself. At first she thought of assigning everyone a number and then use a randomizer, but when she started thinking to hold another vote and see what the followers want. She really wants to get you darlings involved. All we are asking is if you have a spare moment to please send her a message, it be on here or to the email she provided in the last post. She enjoys bringing you entertainment, and it really boosts her self-esteem if you leave a quick comment just saying you liked it and look forward to more updates.

Now I'll stop going on about that. We are leaving the new nominees in this post for the co-host of the next in-game update post. We all look forward to seeing who you choose and reading any feedback/questions/comments you generously leave us. Don't forget to PM Crystal for questions or comments you would like to have featured in our future Question & Answer Special! I'll be sure to see you all again real soon, darlings!


REMEMBER! You can vote for more than one character at a time!

2 Spinel the Trainer
1 Leah the Servine
1 Felix the Victini
1 Nisha the Swoobat
0 Cary the Sandile
0 Pendragon the Trapinch


1 question for Spinel
Crystal Momoyia

Lv100 @ 7896

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