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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

NOTE: I am currenlty working on a post for the RP, so I would greatly appreciate it if everyone will please give me the time to complete and put it up before the rest of y'all post. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
Name: Akari Blackscale

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Akari is a Bangaa, which is a lizard person with long floppy ears and a long sharp snout. She is in particular a Bangaa Sanga, which means she has dark ash colored skin/scales. She has a slightly shorter than average snout. Her long ears are full of peircings. She stands at about 5' 6'' tall and has a tail about three feet long. She has a slim frame for a Bangaa. Her typical attire includes a red bandana, a studded leather corset, blackened Steel pauldrons, studded leather vambraces, leather pantaloons, blackened steel greaves, and leather boots. The talons on her feet always protrude through her boots. Before entering combat she exchanges her bandana for a blackened dragoon's helm. Akari wields a spear and fights using dragoon techniques.

Personality: Akari, being a dragoon, is quite loyal, but her background has caused her to be quite mischevious. She is known to steal items and trickets that she does not desire nor actually care for. She does it just because she enjoys it. Despite this she is known to be quite friendly(particularly towards non-humes), and does typically return the stolen items. However she is less trustfull of Hume's, humans, in part because they typically are rather racist towards Bangaa and now it appears more Hume's are roaming around. She is also somewhat home-sick.

Home World: FF Ivalice

History: Akari comes from a long line of Bangaa soldiers. She disdained societies standards for how a woman was supposed to act, and therefore refused to conform to societies standards. Her father, however, was ill-disposed towards his daughters attitude and refused to aid her in her endeavor. She, in retaliation, headed to the streets. She fell into a crowd of undesirables, which led to her irrational love of thievery. Her grandfather, still well adjusted in Ivalice's military, decided to subordinate his son's decision and trained her himself. He also pulled the strings on some of his subordinate's to bend the rules to allow her to join the military as a dragoon. Her training began, and she learned how to learn the techniques of the dragoon fairly quickly. Soon after this a mysterious anomally rippled through Ivalice, and she found herself in a strange place with strange beings. New to these beings she eventually learned they could be befriended and became allies with a few. She trained them and against them.

Pokémon: Raze/Charmeleon(male), Widow/Ariados (female), Geedo/zubat(male), Redreaper/shiny duskull(male)

Link: N/A

Other: The particular techniques she is fond of include
literally jumps on enemy spear first
, Fire Breath
Pretty much what it sounds like
, Bolt Breath
a breath attack utilizing the power of electicity
, Ice Breath
pretty much what it sounds like yet again
, and Bangaa Cry
Strikes using the Bangaas own voice, actually more effective than it sounds
as a Bangaa she has a particular weakness to water and never learned to swim.
the added spoiler is just in case you don't know what something looks like no pics sorry. Also it is a very bad idea to call a Bangaa a lizard. Let me know if I made any mistakes please.
corset=a female specific top often thought of as lingerie, pauldrons=shoulder pieces on platemail, vambraces=a sort of arm guard, greaves=platemail variation of shin guards, dragoon's helm=a steel helmet fashioned to resemble a dragon's head
Dragoons, in all FF games I have played, are spear wielding soldiers, in FFTA Dragoon is a race specific class for Bangaa and they can use swords. Also in FFTA Dragoons can use peculiar but awesome and effective techniques, some borrowed from dragons!!

I just now noticed that the roleplay has already started, and that it has been two years since the incident. This does put a couple holes into my SU, but I did think of a reason why my character may join so late.
The world of Ivalice has been breached before by what we see as the real world in FFTA. It is perhaps because the seperation of these two worlds,at the end of the main storyline, caused Ivalice to become, somewhat unstable. Afterall the protagonist does destroy the five world threads, which are large crystals of varying colors, that holds the world together. My character could perhaps resurface a couple of weeks before the RPs present, this gives my character enough time to meet the requested Pokemon, but still leave my character ignorant as to what exactly has happened and where she happens to be now. I am sure you will tear this apart and decide if you are okay with this.
Also so my character doesn't seem overpowered. Dragoons in most FF games have a notably low amout of MP for casting magic and magic based attacks. To help balance my character, whenever she does use one of the Dragoon techniques, they will require a large amount of energy. This will leave her fairly weakened for a period of time. Since she is also a novice dragoon her attacks will from time to time backfire, leaving her just as injured as her opponent.
*stamps Accepted stamp on SU*

At the end, with your idea of explaining why she is still (putting it nicely) uninformed about the events that has happened... It's acceptable and I'll allow you to go through with it.

Originally Posted by Sight of the Stars View Post
Seymour Guado




.....ON THE OUTSIDE, Seymour Guado is the affable, honest, charismatic man whose presence silently demands obedience and radiates a strange sort of authority. Everything about him is mysterious, from his race to the scar-like veins crossing his countenance, and his speech well-represents this. He tends to speak in riddles so subtle that they may not be recognized at first, but upon further meditation one may find that his meanings are vast and complicated. He is cooperative and wants only good welfare for his people. A listener to no end, Seymour comes off as loyal and quietly friendly as those he meets.

....ON THE INSIDE, HOWEVER, Seymour Guado is what he believes is the 'good guy'. He's a sly, crafty individual that has seemingly mastered verbal irony; he has a way of twisting words and meaning something else--often something morbid and sickening that very, very few pick up on. His face is unreadable for a reason--if one were to see past the friendly features and into his true thoughts, they would never be allowed to live. He wishes death upon this new world he has arrived in, for he believes that death is the final rest, and that death is the only way to finally achieve total peace for any world. He prefers to work alone, as it is near impossible to find others who share the same opinions on the matter, but at the same time he never works alone. He's a master of manipulation and is excellent at getting you to do exactly what he wants. Seymour doesn't take no for an answer, either, so one had best watch their backs after denying him any request, because they may just find themselves six feet under, or worse.

Home World:
Spira, Final Fantasy X

Seymour's ideals and ambitions were derived from several events in his child. The first was he and his mother being exiled to an island, and the second was his mother giving her life to become a fayth of the Final Aeon, so that maybe if Seymour was able to defeat Sin (the sole entity of the cycle of suffering in Spira) he could be welcomed back into their Guado tribe. He deeply mourned the loss of his mother and worked to become a summoner. He worked to bring 'endless peace' to Spira but his efforts were foiled by Yuna and her guardians.

After the events of FFX (after his 'destruction'), he woke up on the world of Pokemon and quickly rose to power, always plotting the demise of the new world...

[name, species, gender]

[sage, breloom, male]

[valefor, volcarona, female]

[bahamut, garchomp, male]

[ixion, zebstrika, male]

[ifrit, houndoom, male]

[dyssidia, lucario, female]

[ryula, hydreigon, female]


This is such a **** bio but I needed to stop procrastinating and get it done. cx Yes, some Pokemon are purposefully named after the Aeons. At some point he'll probably be like '...well this is... unfortunate' when he realizes they aren't gone. XD
*stamps Accepted stamp SU*

I'll edit the lists later today.
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