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Default Re: [IA] The World Ends With You: New Game

You purchase the red boots.

"250 Yen, please," She says. You give her the money and put them on. Pulling. Them. OFF. *Ahem* And with that, you exit the 104 Building. What was that? You wanted to buy something else? Too bad. Now, with you being dead, everything else is normal. At least, it was. Wolves. Wolves everywhere. Surrounding you.

"Hey! Will you form a Pact with me?" Three people call out. One seems buff and can take them on without the mystical Pins in your hands. Another has a toy with him. A...Pokemon toy? Huh. The other one doesn't look out of the ordinary, but something about her You have no choice. You HAVE to form a Pact with someone if you don't want to be Erased. Hurry! The remaining two can form a Pact between themselves!

>A: Choose the boy with physical strength
>B: Choose the boy with the Pokemon toy
>C: Choose the girl

9750 Yen
Pin - D + B
Pin - Ice Risers
Pin - Sexy D
Thread - Cowboy Boots (Red)
Player's Pin
Cell Phone

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