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Default Re: Route 1

Zetsu once again, enters Route 1, This time, with Minccino at his side. As he walked along the path that lead to Route 2, he could see the nearby landslide that had disturbed the pokemon in the area...

"That was a pretty big landslide, good thing you ran when you did!" He said softly to Minccino, who was clinging affectionately to Zetsu.

Zetsu continued to travel further up the road, nothing eventful happening, it was then that he came upon a sign.

"Route 2 - Left."

Zetsu turned to Mincinno and asked her:

"Would you like to train here some more? Or would you rather move forward?"

Minccino pointed left, onto Route 2, and with that said, Zetsu headed towards the left path, onward to Route 2.

Name: Zetsu
Party: Skorupi, Minccino
Currently: Leaving Route 1 > Route 2
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