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Default Re: Route 7

Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Nothing

"Well," I began. "Three hours to go until we get back on path."

"Ugh, too looooong." Murkrow whined. "Can't we try a short cut?"

"You mean, go and get eaten by the Gyarados? No thanks, you can go on your own." Cyndaquil said.

"Guys guys, three hours isn't. Better than getting eaten." I laughed.

"But I'm tireeeeeeeeeeeeed." Murkrow whined.


"Being lazy gets tiring..." he started. "First you gotta worry about which position is most comfy, and when you shift I have to and it's just so haaaard..." he complained.

"How about you fly beside me or get down and walk then? You're gaining weight." I put him down. "Now walk it off buddy."

"Ugh, fine. I can't wait until we get to Aurora. Then I can evolve and have a lot of stamina." He carried on.

"Hey, I never asked you two, but do you guys want to evolve?" I question.

"Duh. I just said I did." Murkrow laughed. Cyndaquil looked uneasy.

"Volcano?" I asked.

"Hmm...not sure yet. Becoming a Quilava would be awesome, but change..." He looked down.

"Well, it's your choice." I added. "You don't have to evolve if you don't want to."

"Do you want me to evolve?" He looked at me.

"Personally, I love you as you are, and I'll love you just the same if you evolve. It really doesn't matter to me." I smiled.

"Hmm...thanks Corey! I'll have my mind made up after we beat the Aurora City Gym Leader. Promise." I grinned.

"Sounds like a plan!" I laughed.
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