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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by CM View Post
I know it has a ton of potential, but I just have not had the ideas to bring it back just yet. For not it is still on hiatus, since I do want to bring it back once I have the extra time. I just have to schedule out when I'm going to work on Interlinked, Dungeons & Dragonites, games in the Trivia/Games board, my B2 Nuzlocke thread, and also mod stuffs. So yeah, I am still planning on bringing it back. I just have to find the time.

@Dragotech and Master Zorua: I have yet to look over your SUs in detail, but I have noticed something in both of yours that is a mistake. It appears you have both missed a key word on the lists post of this thread on the first page. So let me quote it and show you.

The ones on the lists you have chosen are now in bold text and underlined. Now please look carefully at the line directly under Originally Posted by CM. What does it say?

@Dragotech: I believe you asked me if it would be easier to not have a Link in a PM. I do apologize for not replying to the PM itself. But here's my answer: It would be easier to not have a Link. Not all characters need one to have major parts in the game.
Thank you I will eliminate my link then

Edit: Oh and I posted some limitations towards the bottom, let me know whether or not those will actually be necessary
Also I wrote my characters history before realizing the RP started, there will probably be plenty to pick at when you get to it
Please don't overlook the bottom.
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