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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Vahn D. Brande l Son Goku
Dragon Slayer l Fighter Mage
The Seventh Rose

"Everyone here gets a drink on the house! I would appreciate that you stay, enjoy your time, continue your business here."

"Hee. This sure looks like a lively place, and we're at the right time! What drink do you want to get, Goku?" Vahn smirked as he grid his canine-like teeth.

"Is it always the food that you can always realize, Vahn? Take a good look at this atmosphere. One minute ago, it was booming with noises, sounds of cheers, and every inch of the wall, breathed with life. In just a matter of moment, that women stirred up quite the fight, without the use of a magic. What do you make of that?

"She's no ordinary lass if that's what you're asking. Want me to test her battle prowess out, then?"

"No. Without magic alone, she made that brawny idiot to scoot out of this bar. With magic, and of course, intellect that she might actually possess, higher than you at any rate, you'll get thrashed. That's the last thing we want to do. No more commotions for now...I believe we already have a prey walking into its trap. Let's just take a breather or two and see what unfolds..."

Goku was never the one who fights head-on or recklessly like Vahn does, but he was more of a strategist. As the both made their way to a nearby seat and ordered their own free drinks, they saw a particular character walking up to the ladies, trying to swoon them with words. But would words work, on someone who's really good at it? ...

Note: None

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