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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Fields outside of Capital City
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Affected RPers: CM

She didn’t just draw that Pokémon…

… but Crystal had His golden eyes were trained on her choice for this battle, a Rattata. A Rattata for crying out loud! What was she thinking? The purple rodents were common among eight year old youngsters and girlish lasses that didn’t want their Pokémon to lose their cuteness. They certainly weren’t the choice extraordinaire of elite trainers who actually reached fame and glory. Why would Crystal be using one like this?

Now, if Kenta was a little more thoughtful, he’d realise there must be a good reason. A trainer with such prestige as the blunette was likely planning something and staying on guard no matter what happened was the way to go. However, he was doing quite the opposite, getting cocky.

He’d been expecting one of her tougher Pokémon, maybe not the black Charizard, but something… that wasn’t a Rattata. However, if Crystal wanted to make things easy for him, then might as well take it. After all, winning against a trainer with such a good reputation would look good in front of Spinel. Even if it was against a weaker Pokémon like this.

Gyarbo’s expression didn’t shift; he still looked irritated, not fazed by his opponent. It didn’t change things to him, a fight was a fight.

“You can make the first move,” it was obvious in Kenta’s voice that he wasn’t taking this as seriously as he should be. Something that could just be costly…

"How gentlemanly of you," Crystal said before turning to look at her battle partner. "Puck, offensive maneuvers. Advance with Flame Wheel!"

Kenta looked shocked, obviously in response to Crystal’s command. Flame Wheel was a most… unexpected move… and not to mention silly. Gyarados was a WATER type, obviously resistant to fire. Even the eight year youngsters that frequently employed Rattata knew that was a bad move!

The small rodent started racing towards his foe, slowly becoming engulfed in a blazing circle. As he approached Gyarbo, the fire around him increasing and made his figure harder to distinguish among the fire. It did nothing to slow the normal type down, if anything, he was now moving faster than before.

There was no counter order. Kenta only snorted, amused at the spectacle unfolding before him. Despite looking impressive, there wasn’t much the attack could do…

Instead of colliding directly into the serpentine creature, however, Puck leapt into the air. The distance he was able to jump was very impressive…

The flaming Rattata collided directly with Gyarados’s nose of all things. Immediately after impact, the fire surrounding the purple Pokémon disappeared, unmasking him. He didn’t appear fazed at all, now leaping backward, away from his foe. Coming down, Puck managed an impressive flip before gracefully landing on the ground.

Looking at the shiny, it was obvious he had not taken much damage. However, it was also apparent he was even less amused then before. The loud roar produced only served to further prove that. His large, red eyes were trained solely on the rodent, glaring daggers.

Before Kenta could even call out a move, Gyarbo then launched a powerful Dragon Rage. The neon colored flames headed straight for Puck, but the Rattata had excellent speed and had no trouble evading the attack. He was a little pissed that the shiny once again acted on his own. Gyarbo was a recent addiction to the team, so he still needed some work on obedience. Very rarely did he listen to commands, especially when the opponent managed to piss the water-type off.

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