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[QUOTE=Judge Dredd;3432430]Trainer: JC
Currently: Route 2
In party:


"Nah, I think someone got a little bit out of hand and ran ahead." JC laughs. He continues walking forward. Making sure to look out for any signs of an earthquake.

*you left route 1, two hours Also make sure to post your stats in each post.*


As they walk through, JC see something floating around past the tree line. Chimchar looks up to him.

JC looks down.
"IM not sure. Looks like the Earthquake must have gotten some of the pokemon in hiding to come out. You want to check it out?"

Chimchar nods, and the three go see what it is.

They see a Hoppip floating around. Chimchar runs out after it. The Hoppip moves in quick slapping Chimchar with a tail whip. Chimchar swings but misses. The Hoppip stays ahead coming in for tackle knocking Chimchar down.

JC looks worried.
"You cant catch it Ashley ! lets use the surrounds to your advantage!"

The chimchar stumbles back, into a pile of leaves...It looks down for a second then smiles.

Chimchar picks up leaves and as Hoppip approaches again. This time, Chimchar throws up the leaves and uses ember to start them on fire. Hoppip flies into the burning leaves, the fire hurts Hoppip who drops onto the ground. Chimchar then runs in letting out out a series of fury swipes.

JC takes out a pokeball and throws it at Hoppip.

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