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While running around trying to find berries for the Injured Minccino, he decided to take out his map to find out how far away he is from Andromeda town.

"Hmm....according to the map, i'm not too far away, I mist have done a complete circle in search for the berries!" He thought to himself, now certain of his task.

Zetsu rushes back towards Andromeda town, and runs straight through the recolving doors of the pokemon center.

"Nurse! This Minccino was injured as a result of the Landslide a while ago! Can you help it?"
He shouted, desperately trying to catch his breath, and handing Minccino to her.

Name: Zetsu
Pokemon: Skorupi, Minccino (Wild)
Currently: Rushing to Pokemon Center. Leaving Route 1, Entering Andromeda Town.
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