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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Belcarth | Mike "Ranger" Dawson
Link: Celebi | None
Somewhere in a forest north of the Capital
Affected RPers: None

They had been walking for a few minutes in silence before Belcarth spoke up. "For you to understand what happened where the dreams, or memories if you will, ended, I think I need to explain a few things. I'm not sure where to start..." He began, then trailed of for a moment.

Mike waited patiently while his friend gathered his thoughts. He realized that he didn't know much about the place where Belcarth had grown up, other than that it wasn't your typical society.

"Well, I suppose it's simplest to start with some background..." Belcarth began hesitantly, then took a deep breath. "A decent distance north of Johto, almost due north from Ecruteak actually, if the maps I saw were correct, there were once the kingdom of Illiena, so the stories say, though before the merge it was simply the city of Illiena, nothing more. There was a castle there, though a small one. There was a royal family, though they have long since lost all political power. Illiena was a place heavily bound by tradition, things were done they way they had always been done. The castle could have been taken right out of a history book. The surrounding city was modern enough, but entering the castle was like entering a gateway to medieval life, more so than any museum ever could. The guards, knights no less, wore actual medieval armor and weaponry; chainmail, platemail, swords, shields, pikes, the whole package in all it's medieval glory. All of it crafted the same way it was back then, by the royal blacksmith..." Belcarth took another deep breath, steadying himself, "My father."

Mike realized they had barely talked of their past lives, friends, and families; there was little they could do about the merge, and talking about this now, two years gone, must be tearing up old wounds. Mike had already lost his parents before the worlds collided, he had few friends and the only family he had was his pokemon. Due to his lifestyle before the merge, not much had changed for him, other than his location. Others had not been so lucky he realized. He was just about to say something comforting when Belcarth spoke again, his voice almost steady.

"Following the family tradition, I was an apprentice under my father. Luckily, the work as a blacksmith had little need for learning all the etiquette and proper ceremonies and traditions that were otherwise part of the castle, so I had a fair amount of time for myself. While I did get strange looks from some, I had no problem fitting in with the people in the surrounding city. I didn't consider my apprenticeship and work to be anything more than that. A slightly uncommon, or perhaps very uncommon, line of work to be sure, but hardly a lifestyle, not to the same extent as some of the others at least. What time I didn't spend working under my father or in the city, I spent out here." He spread his arms out, gesturing at the forest. "For all intents and purposes I was just an average kid until I met Jayde."

He fell silent for a few moments, reminiscing the days before his life got turned upside down. He had been told time and again that whatever he thought, he had been different from birth, he had never been 'just an average kid'. Of course, he hadn't known that until it came crashing down on him in full force.

"I've mentioned that traditions were important, and another tradition was that of the Aura Guardians. For some reason there had always been one present in the castle, one that acted partly as the royal family's bodyguard, and overall as protector of the kingdom. The second had been no more than an empty title since long before I was born, but traditions are traditions, and nobody thought twice about it. How they managed was unclear, but tracing as long back as the royal bloodline, there had always been one present, and it was not a hereditary position. I wasn't very interested in the history of the kingdom as such, and I didn't truly believe in all the things they said that Aura Guardians could do, but I accepted it for tradition and never thought twice about it, until 8 years ago." He smiled at Jayde.

"" It sounded like a distant echo in his head. Belcarth froze, trying to figure out where the confused voice came from. A quick glance at his two friends said they hadn't heard a thing. Feeling slightly uncomfortable he tried to shrug it off as something he had just imagined hearing. He continued walking, trying to decided how to continue his story, when he realized they had just appeared at the large boulder. That must be what has me feeling uneasy. he thought, he still hadn't gotten used to the changes. That and his lack of good sleep the past couple of days, that must be why he was feeling a little off. It would explain the headache he just realized he had as well. How come he hadn't noticed that before?

"Well, we should be able to see the castle any time now, and I don't think there is much more I need to explain for you to understand what happened next, after those dreams or memories or whatever they are." Why did he have a headache? "Any questions so far?" Mike had been quiet the whole time, unusual even for him.

" Belcarth froze again. the voice had sounded more curious than confused now, but more importantly it had been much more clear, not so distant. Still sounding like an echo, or perhaps like it came from different directions at once. Surely they must have noticed something this time. A quick look at his friends said they hadn't even noticed he stopped, much less heard something. A quick scan of the surroundings showed no signs of anyone nearby, neither visually nor using his Aura abilities. Suddenly he noticed his friends looking curiously at him.

"Are you okay? I said I didn't really have any questions right now, but you didn't seem to hear anything." Mike said, more than a little worry showing on his face. Jayde mirroring the look but saying nothing.

Belcarth merely shrugged. "I'm fine, just a little tired. Let's continue." He hadn't heard? Had he really been that caught up in scanning the surroundings? And why was his head pounding so bad. It felt someone hit him with a hammer, from the inside. It must be my imagination, that or I'm going insane. he thought to himself.

As they rounded the last tree, the now ruined castle came into view in the distance. "Behold, Illiena, Once the capital of a kingdom, a few years ago a city, now no more than ruins. Now what?" he asked, his headache increasing in intensity still.

"Who...Who are we?" The confused voice came crystal clear from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. He thought he should recognize it, while at the same time he was adamant he had never heard it before today. His thoughts were drifting around, he could see Mike's mouth moving, but he heard nothing. "WHERE ARE WE?" The voice, or voices were shrill and had more than an undertone of panic. He was still certain he had never heard that voice, yet it was so familiar he couldn't believe it to be true. His head felt like it was about to explode, absently he realized he held the small crystal in his hand. When did I put my hand in that pocket? he thought. He never felt his knees giving way, and vaguely he felt something hit his shoulder, just before he looked at the trees that seemed to be growing sideways, roots to his left, treetops to his right. Amusement momentarily flickered through his mind at the sight. He thought he might have heard Mike calling his name, and it could have been Jayde's paw holding his head, but before he could contemplate what that meant, he was already drifting off into blissful unconsciousness. At least his headache was gone...

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