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Arrow EBM's RNG Trade Thread [Currently CLOSED]

Hello all. For those of you familiar with me, you may not need to read any further. However, for those who do already know, please observe and respect the following rules:

1. All trades between you and I will be kept between you and I [meaning, any pokemon that I trade to you is not allowed to be traded to anyone else, nor is it allowed to be copied/cloned for redistribution].

2. All pokemon that are bred/caught by me are fully legit and 100% authentic by the use of RNGing via 4th gen (DPP/HGSS) or 5th gen (B1W1). Several of my pokemon fron 4th gen have been cloned by myself on my Pearl version via the GTS glitch in order to save time RNGing the same pokemon several times. I expect that all pokemon that are being traded to me are also 100% legit.

NOTE: Failure to abide by these 2 simple rules will be an automatic ban from my trade shop and a notification to Mod(s) here at PE2K.


Now then, lets get to the fun stuff.

Items / Pokemon that I am looking for:
-Master Balls
-any confirmed (see list here) released DW ability pokemon that I do not have (list coming soon)

Pokemon for trade:
list coming soon


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