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Default Re: What six pokemon would you want in real life.

I live in a Forest Area/Urban Area. My dream team based on those would be:

Persian: I like cats, and this seems the perfect mix of lap-house cat and big cat.
Gardevoir: Protective of their trainers.
Xatu: I think it'd be interesting learning to communicate with it.
Vigoroth: Seems fun to be around, the toga guy at a frat party.
Tropius: Slow and lumbering, gentle giant with the ability to fly? Yes, please.
Pidgeot: Riding it through the sky would be amazing.

Now, my dream team:

Salamence: Being able to fly around at will would be nice, and I've loved dragons since I was a kid.
Lucario: Being able to talk to a loyal friend whenever would be awesome.
Zoroark: Seems intelligent, what with the switching of forms, maybe a nice debate partner.
Lapras: Swimming and gentle, cares for trainer. Sounds like a giant, aquatic Gardevoir. I can dig.
Machoke: Surprisingly intelligent seeming, all considered. And having a little muscle about for the heavy lifting would be great.
Charizard: Flying. In. The. Winter. 'Nuff said.
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