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Default Re: Small Trades Thread - Request single Pokemon here!

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Welcome to the Small Trades Thread! This is the new version of the Trading Depot. If you are looking for only a few Pokemon, you should request them in THIS thread. Please do not create a new thread!

Please post your trade request in this thread using the form below. The first post will be updated with current trade requests. If you are interested in trading with anyone listed, please send them a PM or VM to organise the trade.

To make sure all trade requests are current, a new thread will be made every so often.

Small Trades Rules:
  1. Follow all Forum rules: Found Here
  2. Make sure you've read the Trading Center Rules before posting.
  3. You must have WiFi.
  4. Post your Wanted/Trading List here, and make all trades through IM/PM.
  5. If the Pokemon you are trading is not completely legit you must specify that it is semi-legit, hacked, PokeSAV etc.

If you fulfill a trade on the list, post here to let us know! You will receive 1 trade point. When you have 3 points you may get one of the following Pokemon for free! Just tell us which Pokemon you want and on which game.
  • Starters from all regions
  • Version Exclusive Pokemon
  • Ditto

Post Format:
Please use the following format to make your trading process faster. Feel free to edit the format to suit what you need.

Which game:
In Game Name:
Friend Code:
How you want to be contacted:
Pokemon/Item wanted:
Pokemon/Item offered:
Note: If you are looking for/trading specific Pokemon, make sure you include all relevant Information such as:
Level, Gender, Nature, Ability, Effort Values, Individual Values, Moves, and Items. If it's an event Pokemon be sure to include the Original Trainer and ID.

Current Trade Requests:
(Click on the Trainer Sprite to visit the Users Profile)
(Click on the Pokemon to see the Trade Details, including what they are offering in exhcange.)

Black and White 2 Trades:

(BotmenPls (FC:1249 6627 6562) is looking for a Ditto Outside of USA)

(ArceusTheCreator (FC:2366 3635 9777) Kanto Starters, + Baby Abra)

(Ephir (FC:2795 8573 2611) Male Squirtle and Male Bulbasaur)

(Fuelh (FC:2752 9056 3931) Bulbasaur, Charmander)

(Zekrom_24 (FC:1034-9176-0325)Thundurus and Landourus Alternate Forms)

Black and White 1 Trades:

(Kuraiachan(FC:0476-4214-7867) is looking for Ditto Outside of Germany)

(teddibear2 (FC: 4685 6216 4419) Timid Purrloin or Liepard with Snarl. If possible; no Evs.)

(Mintjelly (FC:4170-0249-4991) is looking for Johto 12 Pokemon)

(PikaForce (FC: 4126-4836-2333)is looking for Shiny Litwick)

Heart Gold/Soul Silver Trades:

(Lunaron (FC:0519 2907 5745) Both need specific nicknames)

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Trades:

(meojs (FC:3826-6568-8577) any pokemon over level 60)

(quintero30 (FC:3482 8786 8008) Click on the two balls to see both lists of needs.)

( forsakenearth72 (FC:3482 8786 8008)is looking for 6 pokemon)

(Osirislol (FC: 0304 7621 2147) Trade my Kadabra to evolve him, then back again)

i neeed a darkrai !!!!! -.-