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Default Re: Too Old for Pokemon? :/

I'm 24 years old and I have Unova Maps, a giant Giratina Pokemon Platinum poster that covers a whole wall, and random legendary pokemon figurines about my room, a Special Edition Diamond and Pearl Ds Lite, 3DS, DSi, and other DS Lites for playing Pokemon only. I own every single handheld pokemon title, and play on a daily basis. I won't stop playing because of my age.

I personally hate what the real world has become. So at the end of the day, I board myself up in my room and get lost in the deep mysterious world of pokemon. Pokemon is both light hearted and dark, from getting your first pokemon, to listening to trainers in the game talking about their beloved pokemon that passed away. There is a place for everyone in pokemon, for those who stay on the happy notes to those who enjoy the dark aspects of pokemon. It's for everyone and I personally enjoy every bit of it.

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