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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


Zack stands there pondering what Sarah said.
"Yes, I have a couple more but they from my last big project."

Zack pulls out a pokeball. Calling out his next Pokemon.

The little bug moves around scanning the area.

"Nincada, is a wonderful little creature..Very strange and interesting evolution! We called that that piece Life and Death of Nincada."

Zack looks at his watch.
"Gosh it is late, and this hole time ive been talking about myself ! When I ran into you look spooked are you okay ?"
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"Actually, we just had a run in with a Pokemon thief. He tried to steal my Bulbasaur. Aster took care of it though, didn't you buddy?" She smiled and patted Aster's head.

"Saur saur!" Aster nodded proudly.

"If you're heading up that way, you should be careful. He might be back in action by now. We're actually heading to Zenith Town."
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