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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Huh?!

I hear a familiar screech. '


"Was that...?!"

"If it isn't my little brother!"


"Saffron?!" I cried. "What ARE you doing here?"

"Gym Leaders were assigned specific Routes. I happened to get Route 5."


"Oh, so Mom didn't tell you. I'm the Apollo City Gym Leader! After I returned from Kanto, Mom said you had started your journey in Celestia. I was hoping you'd start in Johto like me, but oh well. Why'd you leave New Bark anyways?"

"I received a letter from Professor Cedar. She was giving away Pokemon, so I came for Cyndaquil."

"You could've gotten Cyndaquil from Professor Elm..."

"Yes. But let me tell you the story to this. Remember that baby Cyndaquil Professor Elm received? The one I wanted so badly? While you were gone, it was stolen. The captors were caught and the Cyndaquil transferred to Celestia."

"Oh, right. Anyways. You comin' to challenge my Gym?"

"Eventually, yes. Whenever I reach Apollo."

"Well let me give you a ride!"

"No, my Pokemon aren't ready, and it's not a journey if I skip around. I have to do this the right way!"

"Ah, I see. Just like your brother, me!"

I sighed. "Why are you on patrol anyways?"

"Criminals. A nasty group has been running around shadily. They've also been stealing Pokemon."

"That's awful! I'll be sure to be on lookout."

"No, you're not strong enough to take them on. The Gym Leaders don't even know their strength."

"But Saffron..."

"Corey, no. Leave this to the Celestia Region."

"I'm strong enough and I'll prove it! Battle me!"

"You have ONE badge. You can't even use level 50s yet. However, I am training my Gym Pokemon, and their about level 25. So fine, I'll grant your wish!"

"Music to my ears! Let's see...Courage, take the stage!"

"WOOF!" He barked enthusiastically.

"Alright then. Magamar, show them your style!"

"Mag...MAR." I smiled wryly.


"Alright, Courage, Work Up!" Courage glowed and his Attacks rose.

"Heh! Magmar, Confuse Ray!" Magmar used a ray to confuse Herdier.

"H-Herdier!" The dog hit it's self in confusion.

"Now, Fire Blast!" Magmar glowed, then shot out a tiny ball which hit Herdier and then expanded into a singeing flame.

The smoke cleared, and Herdier had fainted.


"See? You're not ready. Now are you up for more?"


"Alrighty then. Now let me heal Herdier..." Saffron took his medicine out and Herdier became fully healed.

"Now little brother, I have some patrol work to get to. It was nice seeing you." He hugged me.

"Nice seeing you too Saff. I'll be stronger when I get to Apollo, I promise! Bye!"

"See ya!" He flew off on Skarmory.

"Well, I guess we better get moving..."
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