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Default Re: Team Plasma Beginners Tourny ! Match-Ups Posted !

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
Pyro cloning? What's that? Judge, help me out here please. Do you make clones as I described?
Pyro cloning is a method where you put a Pokemon (I'll use Genesect as an example) on to the GTS. You then log onto a different GTS service (like Pokecheck) and when you do, as a response to your pokemon offer not existing on the server it gives the error message (if you put in Genesect), "Genesect was not traded." You now have a clone, but you cannot retrieve the original until you trade for your Pokemon with another system. Once you have gotten the original on your other game, you can log onto the GTS with your first game normally, receiving the traded Pokemon. (Sorry for the long explanation, didn't know how to put it shorter)
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