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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"I just can't believe she did this. How she was just so willing to fricken die for me like that." Damonís shock became anger as he spoke after Ichiru and Aiden had answered him. Aiden and the twins watched him walk over to the bar on the other side of the room and pour himself a full glass of Whiskey as the anger became apparent on his face.

"Come on you two." Ashley motioned Abigail and Scarlet over to the kitchen table as Aiden took a seat on one of the couches. "Let's work on some homework."

Kiseki looked at the ground, his thoughts practically identical to Carolineís. He knew that as long as Klaus was around, things would be dangerous, and since they couldnít kill him without basically the entire group dying as well, that meant that he and Caroline most likely would never be able to adopt a baby.

Ichiru glanced at the younger twin as he laced his fingers with Caroline and gave her hand a squeeze, sensing the change in his emotions. However, he didnít know the cause of it and for the time being assumed it was because of what Diana had done - or threatened to do.

The young Witch in question returned to the house a bit later, and was greeted by Damon storming over to her the instant she cleared the door.

"Damon." Kotomi warned as Stefan and Lexi stood up from the couch, but he seemed to ignore all of them.

"How could you even think of killing yourself for me?" He growled, to which the brunette only sighed.

"You would do it for me in a heartbeat."

"Because I'm me! You're not me!" Damon shouted in anger, which provoked Dianaís own anger.

"I can make my own choices to protect the people I care about!"

"You're fricken pregnant, Diana! Even if you weren't pregnant I wouldn't want you to put your own life on the line to protect mine!"

"Well what you want, and what will happen are two very different things." With that, Diana turned and left the house, bringing silence to fall over the group. After a few moments, Damon followed her outside to reconcile. Ichiru noticed that the toddlers had been watching the scene and walked over to them to reassure them that everything was okay while Aiden watched Damon and Diana from his usual place near the window. Although the two of them had made up, there was still the problem with Klaus to deal with. They all knew that he was going to do something in revenge, but they just didnít know what or when. He was quickly beginning to realize that there werenít really many peaceful pauses in this life, and it the weight of the realization was starting to pile up on him. However, could he really complain? Before this, he had been living alone in solitude out of the fear of his identity being discovered. Compared to then, a little chaos in exchange for so many warm and friendly people wasnít much to ask.

Kiseki noticed the expression on Aidenís face, which brought concern to his own. He started to ask the Original if anything was wrong, but decided against it for some reason or other. An exchanged look with Ichiru let him know that the older twin was thinking the same thing as him, but both of them knew Aiden would dismiss the question if they asked.
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