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Default Re: What six pokemon would you want in real life.

I live in a Forest/Urban environment I'd say, and as such these would be the ones I'd choose based on that:
1. Raichu, kinda typical, but hey they're all so cute and awesome ^^
2. Sneasel, one of my favorite pokes since I got my hands on Gold back in the day
3. Aipom, honestly would be one of the coolest pokemon to have with you, just high-fivin all day xD
4. Persian, for sheer elegance and beauty. :P
5. Vaporeon, always a really cool choice.
6. Hitmonlee, based on one of the most epic martial artists ever, yeah I'll take him. :)

And as for my dream team...

1. Marill, I feel like Marill would just be an awesome companion to have with you, kinda like Tracy.
2. Ivysaur, one of my all time favorite pokemon ever, always had a hard time evolving my Ivysaurs simply because I liked how it looked way more.
3. Houndoom, one of the most BA pokes ever, pretty clear shoice.
4. Arcanine, legendary pokemon reject, still one of the coolest pokemon imo.
5. Sentret, I've always had this idea that if pokemon were real I'd keep a sentret to be my alarm clock since they always come out during the day, and it'd look so cute to wake up to his face in the morning xD
6. Ninetales, had Ivysaur and Ninetales in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and for whatever reason loved the two of those pokemon together so.
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