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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post


Zack smiles.
"She is a very special Spinda ! the magazine calls her "shiny"..Silly I know, I liked lime but hey who am I to argue ! "

Spinda danced around Aster for a second before stopping with a big smile.

Zack pulls out a map.
"I came here looking for other Spinda's. This location is well known for Spinda appearances. So we figured we would come out and take some wonderful pictures of Spindas playing at night.."

Zack looks down
"but then the suppet showed up..and they were all over the place."
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"That's too bad. I can't say I've seen any Spinda around..." Sarah replied. "Do you have any more Pokemon? Maybe they can protect you from the Shuppet while you're taking photos," she suggested.
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