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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Thank you everyone who has posted! You have no idea how much I enjoy reading the comments! :3

Originally Posted by Neptune's Disciple View Post
1) I would keep the sprites in! You could even put in the Sugimori/other artwork for the ones you capture, while the other ones you encounter (like male Lopunny) stay as sprites. It would make it more personal for the pokes you capture I think. Maybe that's just me!
I really like that idea. I hadn't thought of that before, so I may just take that suggestion. :3

Originally Posted by Neptune's Disciple View Post
2) Definitely different areas! I would say anything with a different title, or that has the location name flash on the screen when you enter it would be considered a different area/route.
Seems like everyone is agreeing with this, so for now on I will great every area that has a new title show up on screen as a new area, thus allowing me a new area capture. :3

Originally Posted by Neptune's Disciple View Post
PS. Loving Kailash! Absolutely hilarious.
I didn't think Kai would get this much positive feedback. X3

Here's an idea for y'all: Should I let Kailash take over one of the posts? Or maybe even be a co-host? It seems like all of you love him so far, and I'm sure he could add a lot more humor to this. Or maybe I can have one of the characters co-host a post now and again? What do y'all think?
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