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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Originally Posted by CM View Post
1) Should I continue to use sprites in my posts? Or should I got back to all text?

2) Would you consider, for example, Castelia City Sewers and Castelia City different areas, thus allowing me to catch a Pokemon in each? Or would it all be considered Castelia City so I'm only allowed on? I'm having this debate with myself about Desert Resort Entrance and Desert Resort since I can have access to it after Route 4, so opinions would be much appreciated.
1) I would keep the sprites in! You could even put in the Sugimori/other artwork for the ones you capture, while the other ones you encounter (like male Lopunny) stay as sprites. It would make it more personal for the pokes you capture I think. Maybe that's just me!

2) Definitely different areas! I would say anything with a different title, or that has the location name flash on the screen when you enter it would be considered a different area/route.

- ND

PS. Loving Kailash! Absolutely hilarious.
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