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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

1) I agree! :D I like seeing the sprites mixed in with the posts ^^

2) I would say that as long as the area has a different title than others, it's free game for capturing.

Anyways, caught back up! :D LoL, don't think I'll have to worry about spoilers anymore xD I just got my 7th badge! ^^ But where do you capture Eevee in Castelia? :O I think I missed out on that! :/

Is it funny that as I read your reaction to Burg's art room, I was thinking, "And the gay eevee's going to be like, FABULOUS!" ... and then it happened xDDDDD Seriously laughed out loud at that one xD But aw, dontcha want to keep the Sandile? :o It's evos are amazing! <3

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