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Default Re: Route 1

Originally Posted by ArceusTheCreator View Post
Trainer: PJ
Currently: Route 1 with JC
In party:

"Lets rock"PJ said
"Little mac lets go"PJ said and let out his makuhita.

Makuhita rushed one of the wild Mincinno's
Official's Post:

Your Makuhita charges at the wild Mincinno. However, the Mincinno is too fast and makes a speedy get away! As it speeds ahead, it flaps its tail and star-shaped energy emerges from the Pokemon's body. The Swift attack slams into your Makuhita, leaving it quite hurt.

You're going to need a better plan if you want to catch the Mincinno.

~Fighting back
~Running away

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: On Route 1 Talking to PJ
In party:


JC pauses to see what PJ is going to do. After PJ sends in his Makuhita to move first. The Mincinno break apart going in two different directions. Chimchar stands to go after them but stops when Pidgey flapping its wings.

JC smiles.
"Yes of course you can battle this time."

JC and Chimchar follow Pidgey who flies up. Areo flaps its wings dodging in and out. The Mincinno is fast. Moving quickly through the trees. It takes the first couple of shots. Pidgey stays focused despite the hits using its speed to gain momentum it catches the Mincinno off guard knocking it out of the tree.

JC sighs
" Dont hurt the thing ! Areo give me a gust, that should knock back."

Pidgey swoops arounda couple more times building up a strong gust knocking Mincinno down.
Official's Post:

As the Mincinno flee from the double trouble the pair of you are creating, you decide to attack it with your Pidgey. You order it to knock the Mincinno off with a Gust attack - Aero vigorously flaps its wings to conjure up a small tornado where the wild Pokemon is standing, causing it to lose its balance on the tree and plummet to the floor. It collides with the ground with a crash. The Mincinno struggles to stand, but does so with confidence. It runs and jumps up to your Pidgey and whacks it away with a Tail Slap, causing the bird to get knocked back in your direction.

The two Pokemon are putting up quite the fight.

~Fighting back

Originally Posted by Zetsu View Post
Zetsu smirked at the trainer, then tossed his ball to the ground.

"Come out and fight, Skorupi!"


Zetsu saw the Pidgey fly into the air and ready it's Wing Attack and thought of a move to counter with.

"Skorupi! Counter with Poison Fang!"

Skorupi leaps up at Pidgey to intercept and bite Pidgey.
Official's Post:


~Using Wing Attack


~Using Poison Fang

Gary's Pidgey darts towards your Skorupi at some pace - it slows down prior to contact with the scorpion-like Pokemon, spreading its wings in preparation for a Wing Attack. Right on time, however, Skorupi jumps out at the Pidgey and nips it in the wings, causing it to reel in pain. The bird Pokemon flaps with your Skorupi still attached, causing a flurry of feathers to litter the area. Your Skoruip detaches from the Pidgey, happy with its performance. Gary recalls his Pokemon in annoyance.

"Fine, you win!" he says, tossing shiny objects onto the floor before leaving.

You go over to inspect what the shiny objects were.

Zetsu won 5 stars!
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